Hydrolyzed peptide products

DaBomb protein, beyond protein!

The hydrolyzed peptide solving the three demands of industry!!

Enhance immunity


Balance intestinal microflora

Balance intestinal

High protein digestibility

High protein


Hydrolyzed soya peptide

highly hydrolyzed, absolutely probiotics

DaBomb believes in improving the organism health naturally. With hydrolyzed soya peptide manufactured by lactobacillus hydrolysis technology, and the extremely elevated small peptides quantity, abundant natural L-lactate, we provide the best protein source for fundamental healthcare.

Functional peptide

excellent performance, immunity enhancing

DaBomb screens for different lactobacillus strains, and develops multiple functional peptides by their genetic variations. Products are of excellent performances and experimentally proved to significantly enhance immunity in different living organisms.

Natural L-lactate

beyond AHA/BHA, beauty inside out

With over 15 years of R&D experiences in lactobacillus technology, DaBomb is the expert in efficiently utilizing carbohydrates in the plants, to synthesize natural L-lactate. The boosted whitening and anti-aging effects, less irritation you can expect, all benefits beyond imaginations.




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