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Our belief

DaBomb Protein Corp. was founded in 2001, with the brand name “da bomb” originated from an American slang, meaning “the best and the most wonderful”.
As the major supplier of hydrolyzed soya peptide in Asia, DaBomb endeavors to correspond to the three main demands in industry, including high protein digestibility, maintaining intestine health, and enhancing immunity. DaBomb incorporates the professional hydrolysis technology, the strictest quality control and innovative R&D energy, to keep the consistency and best quality in products.
Holding belief to “food safety from the origin”, we self-inspect on ourselves by EU standard HACCP and ISO22000 at all aspects, and develop the “environment-friendly and green-sustainable” manufacturing process.We are the only food grade hydrolyzed peptides producer in Asia, the guardian of food safety from the origin, from “ Feed to Food”.  

Our strengths

to solve three major demands in one product

The future plan for DaBomb protein


Based in Taiwan, and set our
eye on global market strategies


Cored in plant hydrolyzed
peptide, diversified development

Our history


DaBomb Protein Corp. founded


The first "hydrolyzed soya peptide" product was successfully manufactured in mass production



First HACCP certified (by SGS) hydrolyzed soya peptide supplier in Asia



Production doubled, to 3600 tons per month, having the largest market share in Asia


First ISO22000 certified (by SGS) hydrolyzed soya peptide supplier in Asia


First ISO22000 certified (by SGS) hydrolyzed soya peptide supplier in Asia



Awarded with the “Agribusiness Science and Technology Innovation Award” by Council of Agriculture

Awarded with “National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award” by Ministry of Economic Affairs

Awarded with “Super MVP, Top-10 of Manager Award” by Manager Today Journal

Awarded with “SNQ-Symbol of National Quality” by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry



The expansion plan in Taiwan and China-Fujian Subsidiary project initiated.

Our domain

DaBomb Protein Corp. Taiwan headquarters

Address : No.52, Gongye 3rd Rd., Annan Dist.,
Tainan City 709, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Telephone : +886 6 384 0771

Fujian DaBomb Protein Biotech Co., Ltd
(DaBomb Subsidiary)



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